Jackie practising beginners yogaBeginners Yoga Tip: Practise, Practise, Practise

If you’re currently doing beginners yoga then it is unequivocal. You need to practise your arse off! It goes without saying that to become good at something we need to do repeat it over and over. There is no circumstance that I can think of where this more important than beginners yoga.

Physical Postures

In beginners yoga we are starting to explore a series of postures. When working with these postures we will often be asking our bodies to move in ways that are totally unfamiliar. In some cases, we will be using our bodies in ways that we haven’t done since childhood. In other cases, we’re looking to achieve body positions that are totally alien to us. To start with this is going to be physically challenging, but this is okay as we have to start somewhere. We need to work diligently and consistently with beginners yoga, introducing the postures to our bodies and then gently working with them on a regular (preferably daily) basis. Slowly but surely, our bodies are resetting and restoring. Over time you will bring your body back to it is correct, balanced and beautiful state. BUT you need to practise.


Mental Benefits

How often do you just stop? Is there a time in your day where you experience a space with little or no distraction? No television, nobody talking to you, phone switched off? This idea has become so alien to us and there is no doubt that it causes us huge problems. It causes a disconnect causing us to become alienated from ourselves.

What does this mean in real terms? It means that we’ve lost touch with what we really need/ want. It means that we search outside of ourselves to find contentment. 

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Drink, drugs, sex, work, relationships…the list is infinite. When we practise yoga properly, our endeavour is to quiet our mind, cutting out the interference, so we can clearly hear our quiet inner self, our intuition. If we do this regularly you will find external stimuli that would normally bother you hold less weight. Your reactions to external stimuli will become more measured and controlled. You will experience less stress and increased perspective. All this is open to you, but you need to put in the work – daily!

Reward and Investment from beginners yoga

You have undoubtedly heard the (almost unbelievable!) list of benefits that come with yoga. In my experience, these are generally true!! When you start with beginners yoga your expectations may be high. However, if you think that these benefits arise from merely starting beginners yoga then I’m afraid you’ve been misinformed. The rewards are legion and in some cases barely believable, but the price is your daily beginners yoga practice.

The good news is, that reward is incremental. If you commit to a daily practice, you will begin to feel benefits almost immediately (mainly physical to start). As you continue to practise, you will continue to experience more rewards making the process almost self-motivating! This doesn’t mean that you won’t hit plateau’s and sometimes the benefits won’t present straight away, but with a little faith and determination, you will easily navigate your way through these tough patches.

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