Forget results in beginners yoga classes

Are you starting beginners yoga classes? This can be quite an intimidating experience if you’re completely new to yoga. I have put together a few tips that can really help you to get the most out of your yoga experience.

Try to understand that yoga is not all about the postures. It’s true that during your beginners yoga classes most of your focus will be on your limbs and negotiating them into the assigned positions, however, please understand that the postures are a means to an end. Perhaps surprisingly, this end isn’t to make you more flexible or to make your body stronger.

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These are, of course, benefits but they are almost a side-effect of the practise. If we’re talking about it from an authentic vewpoint, the true reason we do asanaAsana: Yoga Postures at all is to prepare the body for meditation: Purification, removing blockages and getting us physically ready for meditation.

This is great news for new students attending beginners yoga classes.  It means that, regardless of how your warrior 2Warrior  ends up looking, or whether you can actually hold cobraHoldin for more than a few seconds, it actually doesn’t matter. The important thing is that you take each posture for what it is and to the best of your ability.


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Yoga is Meditation, Not Exercise

It may help, during your beginners yoga classes, to stop looking at yoga as an exercise and more as a meditation. This way we drop all the expectations that we have come to expect from an exercise class and focus on our feeling within the postures. Listen carefully to your teacher, watch your fellow students and then own that posture.

Don’t focus on how perfectly aligned you are or aren’t. Don’t focus on how deep you’re going just focus on how your body feels. Try to bring your whole awareness to finding your edge within the posture and gently play with it. Finally, know this – if you practise daily you will achieve picture perfect postures, but hopefully, by then you will have conquered your ego and it won’t matter to you anyway!

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