Living Yoga Programme 

Living Yoga classes pick up where the Induction course leaves off. By now you will know the 7 sets of postures, understand where yoga came from and how it became what you see today. You will have touched upon the Yamas and will have started applying these both on and off the mat. You will have also learned 3 breathing techniques and experienced some basic meditation. 

Our intention in Living Yoga is to build on all of these . The physical practise will be almost identical to the flow learned during your Induction Training, however, the weekly philosophy will more focused on exploring techniques that we can bring into our daily lives to improve our understanding of our own psychology and make living a whole lot easier. 

Class Summary

The Living Yoga programme will work on the foundation created with the Induction Training, specifically working on the following:-

  • Improve and embody your 7 Kriyas
  • More breathing techniques
  • Adapting and deepening our meditation practices
  • Delving deeper into life-relevant yogic philosophy

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 watch this space!

Purchase Options


If you are planning on attending regularly, a simple monthly direct debit provides you with 44 Classes over 12 months* (Approx £5 per class) plus discounts and priority access to workshops & events.

* There will be no classes during school holidays

Block Booking

Book a block of 5 lessons saving yourself £15 over the drop-in price.

Unless otherwise communicated the block will start with the next available class.

24 hours notice is required if unable to attend. 


Drop in yoga classes are available assuming you have completed the Yoga Induction Training or have agreed your attendance in advance.

Drop-in yoga classes are £10, payable by cash upon arrival and subject to availability. 


Warrior at yoga class

What will I learn?

  • We will develop our inner witness
  • Approach stressful situations with a sense of ease 
  • Take our behaviour away from auto-pilot towards self-control
  • A much-improved understanding of self
  • Laser focus!
  • Improved control over old, ingrained habitual behaviour
  • and so much more…

What are the physical effects?

  • Improved flexibility
  • A different body shape
  • Increased physical strength
  • Resistance to injury
  • Increased physical fitness
  • Enhanced sporting performance
  • Improved mobility
  • Slower heart rate
  • and so much more…
Mike & Phill doing yoga classes in Ammanford

Is this course for you?

This course is suitable for anybody who has completed the Induction Training. You will know the Living Yoga flow, be practising regularly at home and will be incorporating the Yamas into your practice and into your life. 

If you haven’t completed the Induction Training, you will need:-

  • A solid grounding in yoga postures
  • An understanding that yoga goes beyond the physical body
  • A willingness to learn and grow with the class

Coming soon!
 watch this space!

My Commitment to You

The Induction Training provides the tools necessary for you to become self-sufficient in yoga.

My endeavour in Living Yoga is to offer the support, stimulation and learning that you need to take you from a sprouting seed to a full-on yogi.

I will help to ensure that yoga touches all areas of your life with the aim of reducing stress, maintaining perspective and continuing to grow and improve your mind, your body and your life.

    Your Commitment to Yourself

    This is almost the same as the Induction Training. You are welcome to do nothing more than turn up each week and join in the class, however, the benefits of Living Yoga are directly proportionate to the effort you put it. For a truly life-changing experience, you can expect to:-

    • Undertake a regular 60 minute home practice
    • Be prepared to experiment with the lessons we learn on the mat and translate them to your day-to-day life
    • Engage with the material and motivation provided
    • Have a desire to grow, improve and develop over time