Yoga Class Tips – Balance

For some, it's a familiar scenario in yoga class. We're moving into Tree Posture, we exhale and lift our toes to adjust the soles of the feet. One foot comes up to the inside of our thigh and ... over we go! We try again ... and again but it's just not...

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Create Your Hatha Yoga Space

Your Hatha Yoga Space Once we understand the importance of a daily hatha yoga practise, we do all that we can to make it happen. However, our minds - such as they are - will often start to create some resistance. We will make up stories that stand in the...

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Inversions in Yoga Classes

  Yoga Classes: What are Inverted Asanas?   Whether you attend physical yoga classes or follow yoga classes online you will almost certainly have come across an inverted asana.  As with all things in yoga, there are a couple of schools of thought on this....

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